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  How to Process Garlic for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips - How To Process Garlic For Weight Loss: How to Process Garlic for Weight Loss

Garlic is known as food seasonings . It feels almost no food that does not use garlic in its processing . But the benefits of garlic was not only as a spice in cooking .

Food Ingredients with a distinctive aroma and pungent enough this can also help you get the ideal weight . Garlic contains several unique compounds are believed to maintain good health . One of them allicin , similar sulfur compounds formed after raw garlic is cut or crushed .

When it is cut , chopped or crushed garlic will issue a distinctive aroma and flavor . Pungent aroma that is a sign that allicin is formed . What is the greatness of this substance ?

As quoted from the Health Me Up , allicin in garlic efficacious as an appetite-suppressant which sends signals to the brain that the body is satisfied . It causes food cravings are reduced . Besides garlic also stimulates the nervous system to release adrenaline . This hormone will increase your metabolism and when a person’s metabolism is good, it will make the body more effectively burn excess calories and lose weight .

Efficacy of allicin as an appetite-suppressant has been proven by researchers from the Weizmann Institute , Israel . They found that allicin contained in garlic is an effective control food cravings . The research team headed by Dr. . David Mirelman was also revealed that garlic can lower cholesterol , prevent diabetes and heart health .

In an experiment on rats also found , mice were given a substance allicin did not experience weight gain , risk of diabetes was also lower . In contrast to mice without increasing the intake of allicin gain weight .

So much for the health benefits of allicin , especially those who want to lose weight and become slim . Unfortunately allicin is very susceptible lost , damaged or transformed into other substances . Enzymes that produce allicin generally will be damaged or die if garlic is cooked directly in one piece .

So to get the maximum benefits of garlic , preferably cut or chopping it first. Can also be blended or crushed , warm up with pan-fried , boiled or mixed with other ingredients .

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